Memorial Art

When it comes time to let go of the mortal and hold on to the memories, Wild Wares can create memorial pieces that are a permanent memento of a treasured companion.
A few precious granules of companion cremains are permanently embedded in a glass sculpture or one-of-a-kind pendant as individual glass beads for a necklace or bracelet.


The sterling silver wirework is hand-crafted, and only solid precious metal findings are used. Each piece is gently created with color schemes selected by you to best memorialize your companion. The glass sculpture or pendants are kiln annealed for permanent strength and may be made of opaque, transparent or a mix of both types of glass. Shimmering dichroic glass may also be used.

We use only System 96
Spectrum &
Uroborus Glass

Solid sculpture, such as a pyramid or other shape are also used to encase cremains in a beautiful three dimensional art piece, which can also be carved with a loved one's name, poem or other fitting remembrance.

These are gallery quality pieces with hand finishing and polishing. They are also unique with no two pieces alike.